You have an amazing story to tell…

Beth Bahner

“I believe it is important for future generations to understand their roots and to know how family members who preceded them lived, what they learned, what they believed in and why, and their wishes for their children and grandchildren. For it is these stories that can shape the lives of the children who come after us. This is why I enjoy helping individuals capture their legacy to leave as a precious gift for future generations.”
— Beth Bahner

A Personal Story

I remember as a child sitting around the dining room table listening to my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles share family stories that had been handed-down from one generation to the next. The stories were retold countless times over the years and they became an integral part of my life.

Family Walking Dog

Multi-generational family gatherings are increasingly rare. As a result, grandchildren and great-grandchildren know very little about the generations that preceded them.

Preserving our life stories for future generations is important. Passing down family stories, values, core beliefs, life experiences and lessons learned ensure that our heirs will have a greater appreciation for their roots and ancestors.

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A Professional Story

Capturing the legacy of your business or non-profit — its story, the people it serves, its values, and purpose can be a valuable tool in reaching potential donors.

A legacy book for a retiring executive, owner, or company officer would be a treasured gift.

Leaving a legacy story for others to follow — whether it is your family legacy or your company’s legacy — is a valuable gift.

Please contact me to discover how we can work together to document your story — a precious gift for generations to come.

Beth Bahner, APR