Life-Inspiring Legacies offers the following services:

Write your life story


We will provide you with a list of “thought-generating” questions prior to our meeting. These questions will help you think about the stories you’d like to share with your family.

During our time together, we’ll have a conversation about your life and the stories you’d like to share. Depending on how much you want to share, the meeting can take place over a few hours in one day, or it may take a few hours over a period of several days.

We will send you a draft of your life story for you to review and make sure the information is accurate. It is possible you may have thought of a few other stories to add!

Once you are happy with the written story, we will design and layout your book, including the photos you provide us. Once you approve the design and layout, we will publish your book for you to share with family. You can order as many books as you’d like.

Write your obituary

Having your obituary written in advance of your death is a big help to your family. You probably have a written will or trust. Why not have your obituary completed, too?

Write your spiritual will

This document can include your beliefs and values, your ethnic traditions, and/or your religion; advice or messages you want to convey to others; what is important to you; life lessons; your hopes and dreams for your family, community, nation or world; what you love most about life, and what your relationship with God means to you.